Dive into the immersive world of “Blue Noise” an audiovisual installation funded by Ocean Week Canada. Created by the BluHeron Collective consisting of artists Christopher McLeod and Alex MacLean, this interactive experience explores the devastating impact of ocean noise pollution on marine life. Through projected visuals accompanied by a generative soundscape, participants witness the harmony of healthy marine ecosystems juxtaposed with the disruptive noise generated by human activities. As viewers maneuver their hands in front of a sensor, their actions trigger and modify the simulated pollution, offering a visceral connection to the consequences of our actions.

BluHeron Collective, consisting of artists Christopher McLeod and Alex MacLean, is an open collective exploring sonic art through new technologies and modes of engagement. Their explorations intertwine realms of augmented and virtual reality infused with physicality through sonic landscapes. BluHeron invites audiences into transformative journeys through sound and immersive mediums. Weaving innovative technology and live performance, the collective creates alternative reflections on contemporary social and environmental topics in an attempt to spark meaningful dialogues and provoke contemplation.