“Modular Grove” is a VR sound installation that explores the immersive potential of virtual reality and modular synthesis to create a multi-sensory experience of the forest. The installation combines cutting-edge VR technology with modular synths to create an interactive sonic landscape that responds to users’ movements and interactions. In this virtual world, users can wander through a dense forest of towering trees, birds chirping and leaves rustling, while surrounded by the dynamic soundscapes of both modular and software synths. The installation creates a unique space for exploration and discovery, offering viewpoints into the virtual space to spectators in the room as well. Through its use of innovative technology, “Modular Grove” invites visitors to engage with the forest in a way that is both immersive and transformative, offering a new perspective on the possibilities of digital art and soundscapes.

Thank you very much to the Canada Council for the Arts for funding this research and creation!