“Outfalls” delves into the intricate pathways of wastewater within local water basins, navigating the convergence of stormwater and sewage systems. This project orchestrates an experimental electronic composition that echoes the interconnectedness of these vital infrastructures. Through original photography skillfully manipulated by AI, a visual narrative emerges, shedding light on the often-overlooked facets of our ecosystem. The live coding performance serves as a dynamic centerpiece, symbolizing the harmonious interplay between technology and nature. “Outfalls” endeavors to initiate dialogues on the symbiotic relationship between urban infrastructure and natural water cycles, fostering contemplation on environmental interconnectedness.

BluHeron Collective, consisting of artists Christopher McLeod and Alex MacLean, is an open collective exploring sonic art through new technologies and modes of engagement. Their explorations intertwine realms of augmented and virtual reality infused with physicality through sonic landscapes. BluHeron invites audiences into transformative journeys through sound and immersive mediums. Weaving innovative technology and live performance, the collective creates alternative reflections on contemporary social and environmental topics in an attempt to spark meaningful dialogues and provoke contemplation.